Faux Mink 2-3 Week Fill  $70

Apprentice Full Set


Based on availability. All work is checked by a senior or master stylist.  All Flutter and Wink apprentices' have completed the Flutter and Wink Training. (These appointments may take an extra 30-60 min longer  for a full set, as they are building speed) 

Eyelash Extensions
Flutter and Wink offers a variety of options for lash extensions! From soft and natural, to full glam.  We can make your lash fantasy come true!! 


Looking for gorgeous lash extensions, a little waxing, the perfect tint or a beautiful makeup application? Flutter and Wink can help you add a little glamour into your life! Please review our services listed below and book your appointment today!

Hybrid Full Set Glam

(100% filled) $225

(Flutter and Wink lash lift client)

Natural (50-60% filled set)


Great for those who are nervous about jumping all in, and getting a full set.  This is a 50-60% filled full set.  Provides a nice frame of lashes.  Natural and soft. 

Considered a partial set.

*Recommend a 2 week fill for your first fill for maintenance.

Hybrid (Faux mink & Volume) 2-3 Wk Fill $75

Hybrid  Lash Set

(Volume and Classic Mix) 

(80% filled) $200

Faux Mink Full Set Glam

(100% filled) $200

Classic Lash Full Sets

(Our most popular service!) Natural looking, and FULL.  Classic lashing is the method of meticulously isolating each natural lash and applying one single synthetic lash. and Customized for your individual eye shape, health of the lashes, and lifestyle. We have silk, faux mink, real mink, glitter, colored, ombre' color tipped lashes etc.  Services will be booked according to each stylists pricing and availability.
80% filled lash sets.

*Add $25 to any classic set to uprade to a super glam 100% filled set.

Silk and Faux Mink Mix $165

Get the best of both worlds for fullness and texture!  Add some faux  mink to your silk set to create  more drama while lightening the overall feel and weight.


Elleebana Lash lifts 

(Perm for your natural lashes, lasts up to 12 weeks! )

It's one of the hottest trends in the industry.  Great for our clients who aren't ready to commit to lash extensions, have allergies, want a super natural look, or if they already  have amazing but straight lashes. Takes 20-30 min and requires no maintenance.

Formaldehyde free and completely safe for the eyes.

Lash lift  $75

Lash lift and tint $99

Trim, shape, wax and tint! Whatever you need, we can do!

Eyebrow Wax ("The Brooke") $15
Lip Wax  ("The Monroe") $10
Chin Wax ("The Sophia") $15
Full face wax $45
Nose Wax $15
Underarm $20
Lash Tinting $30
Lower Lash tinting $20
Brow Tinting $20

Russian Volume  2D-6D

(80% filled) $225

200-600 lashes per eye

Celebrity status 

(worn by Kim and Kylie K, J-Lo, and Beyonce, & More)

*Option: Add $10 to upgrade any fill price to max out the lashes (100%) 

*Subject to availability, and how many lashes the client comes back with.  Ask your stylist!

 Apprentice fill  2-3 Week   $55

Silk fill 2-3 Week Fill    $60

Russian Volume Full Sets

Pump up the volume with these beautiful full sets!  Originating from Russia, volume lashing is the method of applying multiple individual lightweight lashes to one isolated lash at a time.  Volume provides the most dramatic, yet fluffy, and soft look without sacrificing the health of your lashes. 

*Booking with select stylists-due to advanced technique skill level.

"The beauty of a woman must be seen within her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."

Audrey Hepburn

 Silk $145

Synthetic, semi-gloss finish.  Great for a starter set. Not recommended for long term  fills due to weight, and not as full looking as faux mink.

‚ÄčNew! Now available to book online!


Our lashes are on a 90 day cycle, so it is normal for them to shed between 1-2  lashes on a daily basis.  For this reason, we must come in every 2-4 weeks for a lash fill to keep them looking full.

 Depending on your lash cycle, home care, budget and preference, most clients see us every 3 weeks.  It's like getting your nails filled-however it's your own luscious lashes! For most clients, we like to get you super full with at least 85-95 lashes per eye.  80% filled.

*Most clients return every 2-3 weeks with  approximately 50-75% filled lashes

Real Mink Full Set Glam

(100% filled $250)

Lash Maintainance Fills

Volume 2-3 Week Fill  (select stylists)  $80

Full Set Dramatic Glam Russian Volume (100% filled) $250

Silk/Faux Mink Fill 2-3 Week   $65

Partial Fill in (less than a 2 week fill)

20% filled (up to 40 lashes total)  $35

Call to book only!

Add Ombre (purple or red tipped), glitter lashes, colored lashes, or Swarovski crystals for an extra $10

Ask your stylist!

Add a Lip Collagen Mask with any service $15!

With ingredients like honey, milk, peptides, aloe, and collagen your lips will be feeling moisturized and plump! We also follow it with our famous Grande-lips lip gloss (clinically proven to plump and reduce fine lines.)

Removal of Lashes

$20 Removal for Flutter and Wink Lashes

$30 Removal of Competitor's Lashes

Free Removal when you pay for, and book a new set with us!

100% Real Siberian Mink Fur

(sterilized and cruelty free!)  $225

Yes we said real mink fur lashes!  Lashes are sterilized and dyed after combing mink tails.   These lashes are one of a kind, and feel exactly like your own lashes. They create the most natural look.  Real mink are the lightest weight and softest of all lashes.  No one would ever guess they weren't your own!

Real Siberian Mink Fill 3-5 Weeks $80

Silk Full Set Glam

 (100% filled)  $170

Faux Mink $175

Our most popular Set!

Hands down the client favorite.  Faux mink mimics the feel of real mink.  Feathery light and soft, yet  FULL and black. More options for length. Great for long term, or short term wear.

We can create a variety of looks custom designed just for you.