Many salons (including local) that provide lash services, often aren't trained properly or trained at all.  When other providers don't follow the LASH RULES, that is where clients can get long term or short term lash damage.

WARNING:  The following lashes have been clients who came to us for a removal or fill.  What  you are about to see is NOT OUR WORK and it may  be considered shocking or graphic.   All came from a local salon or provider, and some used an online coupon website to find them.

1. You should NEVER feel your lash extensions.

Extensions are unlike strip lashes, they shouldn't   feel heavy or uncomfortable.

2.  You should always be able to brush through your lashes with ease.  Lash extensions are applied individually and you should never feel tugging or pulling.

3.  You should NEVER see chunks of glue on your lashes.  Extensions should always look natural and it should be difficult to tell if they are real or fake.  Glue chunks or clumpy lashes aren't cute.  We promise to always deliver seamless, sultry, comfortable lashes.

Always ask if your stylist is LICENSED to do lashes.  Your stylist should always display a current Washington State Esthetics, Cosmetology, or Nursing license.  Your eyes are important!  You can relax knowing that we at Flutter and Wink take the health and safety of your lashes quite seriously!

Lashes have been around for 20+ years, starting originally overseas.  The glues that are currently used now for lash extensions have become highly advanced.  We always use FORMALDEHYDE FREE glues, that are FDA approved and high quality surgical grade.

We at Flutter and Wink promise to always keep the HEALTH of your lashes our TOP PRIORITY.  Education on how your lashes shed, how to care for your new lashes, etc are all discussed frequently. Our clients are well informed, and feel confident keeping them on long term if they so choose.  We have some clients who have been with us for 5+ years with no breaks from their lash extensions, they are absolutely obsessed with the ease of the routine, and the beautiful look.