Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Our Faux Mink lash extensions are applied by meticulously isolating each natural lash and applying either one single synthetic lash to it, or a "fan" of synthetic lashes. We currently offer Natural, Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume lash sets.

Natural Set

Classic Set

Mega Volume

Our Natural Lash Extensions will allow you to have beautiful lashes yet still look natural. If this is your first time getting lash extensions this one might be just right for you. This set will get each eye about

50-60% full of lash extensions. 

Natural Full Set $125

Natural Fill $65

This is our most popular choice.  You will see a wonderful difference with your new set without feeling over whelmed, it's a natural look with a touch of drama.

This set will get each eye about 80-90% full of lash extensions.

Classic Full Set $200

Classic Fill $80

Hybrid & Volume

Originating from Russia, volume lashing is the method of applying multiple individual lightweight lashes to one isolated lash at a time. Volume provides the most dramatic, fluffy look without sacrificing the health of your lashes. We also offer Hybrid Set, which is a mix between a Classic Faux Mink set (one extension per one natural lash) and Russian Volume fans.

Hybrid Lash Set $225

Hybrid Lash Fill $90 

Volume Set: $250

Volume Fill: $100

Pump up the volume with these beautiful full sets! Mega Volume extensions are soft and super light. We hand-make our own Mega Volume fans that are 15+ lashes to each fan to create the most catching, soft, intense density that is available with lash extensions. This set of lashes is incredibly glamorous and is great for anyone looking for a striking, strip lash-type look.


Mega Volume Full Set $300

Mega Volume Fill $110

Add $25 to any full set or $10 to any fill to upgrade to a 100% full glam look.

Lash Removal

Removal of Eyelash Extensions -$30 

Apprentice Classic Set

When available we offer Classic Full Sets and Fills at a fantastic price to allow our new lash artists to practice not only their technique that is unique to Flutter and Wink but their timing too. Your appointment time will be a little longer and the apprentice will have their work checked by a senior lash artist to ensure the quality that Flutter and Wink is known for is achieved.


Apprentice Classic Full Set $150

Apprentice Classic Fill $60

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