Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)


SMP is perfect for anyone with thinning hair anywhere on their head or considering hair transplants.  Also known as scalp ink, FUE transplants or FUT hair transplants.  Consider a complimentary consultation with Lindsay before making your decision.


This is Lindsay Terrill and she is our 2x master certified scalp micropigmentation practitioner, who will guide and customize your treatment plan specifically for you.  She will also let you know if you are a candidate through her consultation.  There are two easy ways to do this: you can visit us by booking an appointment by phone 360-521-0473 or online  for a free consultation, or send us images ( of your hair loss and schedule a free phone consultation.  

Lindsay Terrill


Now let's talk about SMP


SMP is a non-surgical procedure of inserting organic based plant deposits through the dermal layer of the scalp. These pigment dots replicate hair follicles and blend in with client’s skin complexion.  This service is recommended for men as well as women.  This can enhance the look of a fuller head of hair for women with thin hair.



*It takes a minimum of 2 to 3 sessions to achieve a complete look scheduled 10-14 days apart.

The 1st session is used to lay the foundation of replicated hair follicles. After the first session, you will notice an immediate difference and a full look appearing.  This session is typically the longest session 2-5 hours.


The 2nd and 3rd sessions are used to enhance the layers of density so it appears you have a full, short head of hair, and eliminate any sign of hair loss. Most of the time is spent on blending into your existing hair for a seamless and natural look.  Small changes can also be done in these sessions as well.  You are good to go and won’t need to come back for around 4-6 years.

Call now or book online for your complimentary consultation 360-521-0473 or call Lindsay directly at 360-773-5509

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